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Connect와 기본 keys-and-strings 샘플자료

  1. <?php
  2. $redis = new Redis();
  3. try {
  4. $redis->connect('', 6379, 2.5);//2.5 sec timeout
  5. //Auth Password(redis.conf requirepass)
  6. //$redis->auth('foobared');
  7. } catch (Exception $e) {
  8. exit( "Cannot connect to redis server : ".$e->getMessage() );
  9. }
  10. // //DB Select
  11. if ( !$redis->select(0) ){
  12. exit( "NOT DB Select");
  13. }
  14. $redis->set('key1','value1',10); //유효기간 10초
  15. echo $redis->get('key1');
  16. /*
  17. * print : value1
  18. */
  19. ?>

자세한 명령어 사용법은 아래 메뉴얼참조


append - Append a value to a key

bitcount - Count set bits in a string

bitop - Perform bitwise operations between strings

decr, decrBy - Decrement the value of a key

get - Get the value of a key

getBit - Returns the bit value at offset in the string value stored at key

getRange - Get a substring of the string stored at a key

getSet - Set the string value of a key and return its old value

incr, incrBy - Increment the value of a key

incrByFloat - Increment the float value of a key by the given amount

mGet, getMultiple - Get the values of all the given keys

mSet, mSetNX - Set multiple keys to multiple values

set - Set the string value of a key

setBit - Sets or clears the bit at offset in the string value stored at key

setex, psetex - Set the value and expiration of a key

setnx - Set the value of a key, only if the key does not exist

setRange - Overwrite part of a string at key starting at the specified offset

strlen - Get the length of the value stored in a key


del, delete - Delete a key

dump - Return a serialized version of the value stored at the specified key.

exists - Determine if a key exists

expire, setTimeout, pexpire - Set a key's time to live in seconds

expireAt, pexpireAt - Set the expiration for a key as a UNIX timestamp

keys, getKeys - Find all keys matching the given pattern

scan - Scan for keys in the keyspace (Redis >= 2.8.0)

migrate - Atomically transfer a key from a Redis instance to another one

move - Move a key to another database

object - Inspect the internals of Redis objects

persist - Remove the expiration from a key

randomKey - Return a random key from the keyspace

rename, renameKey - Rename a key

renameNx - Rename a key, only if the new key does not exist

type - Determine the type stored at key

sort - Sort the elements in a list, set or sorted set

ttl, pttl - Get the time to live for a key

restore - Create a key using the provided serialized value, previously obtained with dump.

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