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MySQL 5.6.10  (2013-02-05)



DBA and Developer Guide to MySQL 5.6

Building the Next Generation of Web Applications and Services

At a glance, MySQL 5.6 is simply a better MySQL with improvements that enhance every functional area of the database kernel, including:

  • Better Performance and Scalability
    • Improved InnoDB storage engine for better transactional throughput
    • Improved Optimizer for better query execution times and diagnostics
  • Better Application Availability with Online DDL/Schema changes
  • Better Developer Agility with NoSQL Access with Memcached API to InnoDB
  • Improved Replication for high performance, self-healing distributed deployments
  • Improved Performance Schema for better instrumentation
  • Improved Security for worry-free application deployments
  • And other Important Enhancements

This article serves as a DBA and Developer guide to MySQL 5.6 as it highlights the key new features in each of these areas, many with practical use case examples.

Mysql들어갔더니 5.6으로 릴리즈되어있네요;;

Mysql5.6.7 (2012-09-29, Release Candidate)

작년 9월에 RC버전까지 확인 하고 언제 되는가 기다리고 있었는데... ㅡㅡㅋ

2월 5일에 되었군요 흠흠........

요즘에 SphinxQL이랑 SphinxSE 테스트도 해봐야되는데....

이것도 체크해야겠군요 흠흠

암튼 자세한 내용은 다음에~~

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