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  2. 2014.04.11 SpringToolSuite(eclipse) SVN설치
Programming/Etc2014.05.23 15:26

이클립스 테마 플러그인

제공 사이트 : http://eclipsecolorthemes.org/

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Programming/JAVA2014.04.11 16:59

1. Help => Install new software 

   또는 아래 Help => Eclipse Marketplace 에서 svn 검색 후 설치

2. 설치하고 나니까... 아래 SVN Connector.에러 나옴


Share project was failed.

Selected SVN connector library is not available or cannot be loaded.

If you selected native JavaHL connector, please check if binaries are available or install and select pure Java Subversion connector from the plug-in connectors update site.

If connectors already installed then you can change the selected one at: Window->Preferences->Team->SVN->SVN Connector.


※ Connection에 필요한 SVN Kit, JavaHL라이브러리 경우 EPL(Eclipse Public License) 적용될 때 법적 문제의 소지로 인해 별도로 설치할 수 있도록 배포되고 있다고함.

4. SVN Kit, JavaHL라이브러리 추가 Install 로 진행(Help => Install new software)

 => 추가 저장소 등록(Add Repository)


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